Fabric design is in full bloom!

I recently entered a competition to design a “watercolor, pen and ink” style fabric. The contest is hosted by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics. It was sooo much fun! Seriously! I had forgotten how much I love watercolor!

If you want to vote for my fabric (and I know you do!! :) , please go to this spoonflower contest page, and click in the upper right under “Fabric8 Semifinal Round.” Then find my pattern (shown above. It’s called Watercolor_blooms by Sberrens) Then  you click on the photo of the pattern, and finalize your vote after scrolling through all the other patterns. It’s really easy!!

Here is the original watercolor that I developed the pattern from:

Then I brightened up the colors, chopped it up, created some outlines, and added some blobs in the background. I just kept experimenting until I got it to how I wanted!

Here is a little peek at some of the other fabrics I’ve been working on:

“Bikes and Blooms”

“Nature Journals”

And here is the link to my spoonflower shop, All the Pretties.

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